Present does not exist??? Crap!

Here is one hell of a crazy theory about how present does not exisf. Its not exactly fiction, but it would require a team of scientists to say that it is Science.

How do we see anything?

Our eyes are probably the most important assets for us. We cannot even imagine being blind. Our eyes are a magnificent creation of mother nature.

When we look at something, we are able to detect its shape, size, colour, texture, brightness, sharpness and a lot of other things a sane person cannot describe. When light strikes any surface, it gets reflected and when a reflecting beam of light reaches our eyes, an image is formed on our retina and our brain interprets the thing we see, as the opric nerves communicate with the brain.

Let us break this process into simple steps.
→ Reflected light from a surface reaches our eyes.
→ An image is formed.
→ Our brain interprets the image sent by optic nerves to make us see what we look at.

Time gap

The speed of light is 3,00,000 km/second. That is cetainly the fastest in universe, but it is still a speed. That is (distance) ÷ (time taken)

Now let’s remember our steps. The light gets reflected from an object and reaches our eyes. Let us assume the object to be at 1 km from our eyes. The time taken by the light to reach our eyes turns out to be 1÷300000=0.00000333 seconds. That time is negligible, but it is time.

In the second step, the light forms an image. Our eyes are full of liquid where the speed of light slows down to 2/3 of its original. So, It also takes a little bit of time to form the image.

In the last step, our nerves do their job, and their method of transferring data, ie. Electrons; are a lot slower than the light. So a tiny part of a second is lost there too.
Thus the time gap becomes almost 0.0000036 seconds.

Present is past?

Let’s analyze our results. According to the calculation of the time gap, We see an object at 1 km from our eyes after 0.0000036 seconds of the light hitting it. It means, what we are seeing at the moment, is the image of the object from 0.0000036 seconds earlier.
Thus we are seeing 0.0000036 seconds into the past.


The time gap we calculated is certainly non-existent. But mathematically, it does exist. If we increase the distance of the object from 1km to 1,00,000 km, the time gap will certainly be noticable. This implies everything we see is past.

That means we cannot see the present! We have been fooling ourselves by telling us we live in present. Everything we see or hear is past. So there is no practical existence of the Present!!!

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