When a gargoyle tells you your parentage – Ch 3

When you get caught in a brothel grade hotel during a police raid, things cannot get worse. But I am not as lucky as you. That was just a start for me, followed by getting locked in a 5×5 dog crate. Things got better and better when I discovered my ‘crate-mate’ was not some badass chick but a demon. A real. Freaky. Demon!
We were both sitting rock still gazing at each other’s teeth. Me looking at her fangs, disgusted. And she was staring at my flat teeth, a different emotion on her face. I realised she was scared, no; horrified by me. After the long lasting second, our eyes met and we instantly scuttled to the opposite corners. It was fruitless considering the size of the crate and I panicked.
“Don’t kill me! Please! ”
“Please don’t kill me! ”
We both shouted at the same time .
“Why would I kill you? You are a fteakin Demon!” I yelled at her trying to find a way out of this mess. I knew demons tortured their victims until they lost their wills and get turned into slaves. I was trapped and I had no way to get out of the crate. And knowing that the police was outside I slumped and retreated to my corner as much away from her as I could, which was two feet.
“And why would I kill you? You are a snivelling reaper! You can erase my existance from this world and the other! ” She sounded as scared as me. Demons were known to act innocent until they got their prey alone and then they fed on them. She was curled up into her corner and had real terror in her eyes. I protested.
“Why in the name of god would I erase your…” Wait.
What????? i could have erased her existance? Was she nuts?
“Look demon. I don’t want any trouble with you. Don’t even try to take my soul or I will… I will… Hit you with my backpack! ” i knew my meagre aura supply was nothing against a demon. She looked confused but tried to be brave as her voice croaked.
“Don’t play games with me reaper! What the heck shall I do with your soul? I hit you once and I shall hit you again if you try to touch me.” Now she was ticking me off. I looked at her aura and found it almost equal to mine. Okay, I still didn’t stand a chance against her, but if I had to die i would die fighting. But how could I fight when I barely had any space to move?
“Can we talk about it? ” My voice had a hint of pleading and submission. She looked utterly shocked.
“What? ” I saw a tiny hint of hope and grabbed at it.
“I mean… we don’t have many choices. Do we? I have the super duper power to obliterate you. Haven’t I? So… can we… talk? ”
I knew I was being foolish trying to dominate her. She could have easily sucked my soul dry. She was a demon for saying out loud! But imagine my surprise when she looked at me in disbelief and slowly nodded. I didn’t expect my plea to work, and I didn’t believe her a bit. Perhaps she was trying to get me off guard.
“So… You keep yourself from sucking my soul and I won’t erase you. Okay? ” I didn’t know what her reaction would so my breath came out when she nodded. Before I could further proceed our peace deal, she asked.
“Who told you that we sucked souls? ” I snorted and replied.
“That is not a secret anymore demon. I know all about you. How you replace the soul with an evil entity as you slowly feed on the aura of that person. How you lure your victims and torture them to slavery. I know all about your dirty deeds so you can stop pretending.”
Her eyes were wide as balls and she was utterly baffled. Shocked too. Then she laughed.
“Oh yeah… like you don’t erradicate every entity who disagrees with you, living or dead. And the greed of your kind to feed upon opposite sex? I am also aware of that. So stop creating horrors done by my kin. I am also a demon, if you haven’t noticed already, and your lies are worth laughing for me.” I frowned. It was obviously some kind of trick. She was trying to get me easy towards her? Maybe, maybe not. There was truth in what she said. But I wasn’t going to let accusations against reapers walk off. When i visited the Underworld, the secret i found out was a demon army, as large as you cannot even imagine. That info was my ultimate weapon to take down her pretense and I threw it at her when she was off guard.
“Then tell me why does demons are preparing to attack God with their army at Morgoroth? ” Morgoroth was the name of the underworld plains. Me and my partner (dead now) had observed it on my last mission for the IRC, and this was the reason I was fleeing for the International headquarters to warn them (since no one had believed me in the IRC).
Her eyes went bigger, if possible. Her mouth formed a little “O” as she stared at me. Gotcha! I thought. She knew about that. I smirked and pressed on.
“Come on, tell me the army is there to defend demons from ‘Oh! So scary reapers’?” She seemed at a loss for words as she tried to mumble.
“But… How? … How do you know that? No reaper was supposed to know about it!” She genuinely looked shocked. I barely stopped myself grimacing when the response of the others came to my mind. But why should I tell her that? The demons might stop the attack if they knew we were forewarned. At the very least it might make them hesitate and provide ample time for any other reaper to find out the army.
“Yeah. We know all about it. We are all mobilizing and waiting for you to walk into our trap.” She frowned at my words, then replied.
“You are lying.” I must have looked taken aback because she smirked and continued. “No one in the entire reaper cell knows about it. They are as relaxed as a hibernating bear and they are going to be sitting ducks when the Xanthis slaughter them” Her voice was sad as she relaxed visibly. Her gaze remained intent upon me. “The question is, who told you the lies about us? And how do you know about the Xanthis army?”
I was probably safe at the moment but was definitely not going to cuddle with her. And she was stating a wide known fact a lie. She must not be out of the underworld for a long time, i thought.
“Lie? Do you have any idea what you are talking about? Everyone knows that demons are like that. Go ask any preternatural being. You will find out yourself.” She raised her eyebrows mockingly and said.
“Well here I am sitting and I am a demon. And I obviously know more about myself than you.” She definitely had a point. But mine was right too. Either the whole world was wrong or she was nuts. She was also taking me as some super duper terminator, so maybe the later was true.
“Same goes here. i am a reaper, and I know that eberything you said about me was absolute crap.” I mimicked her eyebrows and shot a mocking look at her. She looked confused.
“But every person I know has taught me this… They can’t be wrong.”
She had a point there. As much as I knew, demons couldn’t lie. They can twist what they say. But it is their natural instinct to always tell truth. I looked at her closely. She was deep in thought. I again checked her aura. It was barely traceble. Fluctuating in and out of my view. She had the same borderline aura as mine. I scanned her and paled when I saw a tiny whisp of aura anchoring her downwards. Exactly same as mine. Demons and reapers both possess blackish aura. But their gifts are on a completly different level. Most demonic aural gifts are illusions. They work fast. But they act solely on one, two or at most three senses of their victims, making them belive what the demons want. On the other hand, reapers’ aura works slowly and steadily. But whatever it does is completely real.
I gathered my courage to ask her about her anchor then my resolve faltered. I decided on showing rather than telling and directed my whisp-like anchor towards the top of crate. Within a second, i was sitting on the ceiling. My shifting caught her notice and she looked up.
“Do reapers rest like bats?” She was really sincere. I grimaced and brought my hands up to the bottom of the crate casually. She searched my feet and then went rock still as blood left her face. She had scanned my aura and had definitely noticed the anchor.
“I think this is the time when we really talk about things.” I said as I settled comfortably on the ceiling.

She looked unsettled, but with a swift graceful motion, She sat on the ceiling with me. I noticed her hair was also normal. It was as if the anchor had created a molecule thin packet around her, and everything inside it followed the anchor.
“But before anything else, I promise I won’t harm you in any way, and you should give me your word for the same and you won’t suck my soul away.”
She made an exhaggerated huff and said.
“I don’t suck souls! Do I look like a pagaloche demon to you?”
Now that was something new. I didn’t know demons had classification. I had assumed they had only muslce based hierarchy.
“Ok. So… what is a pagaloche demon? And how many kind of demons are there? ” I asked. She looked offended but answered.
“Before we go into Demonology, Lets start with something basic. Why are you not with your partner? I thought reapers always move in pairs. And how did you find about the Xanthis army?”
I waited for a moment to think. Both of us were not going anywhere till morning until someone freed us. And even if she told her seniors, they might hesitate. I didn’t see any harm in telling her the truth.
“My partner died when we were fleeing from dark souls during a recon at the sunken city of Dhanushkodi. We found about the army in our recon.” No need to tell her about me running from the IRC as well. She looked at me with her eyes wide open in admiration.
“That was you? There has been a lot of fuss about two reapers infiltrating in the Morgoroth plains amidst the last 10 year curfew. Not even a high demon has been able to break in yet. And you infiltrated it?”
I hadn’t thought it was that big a deal. By her response I thought the plains were tough to break into. When I had infiltrated, my partner convinced an aguna beast to get us inside in its mouth. He had been proficient at hypnotism.
“Ummm… I guess it was me. But now tell me what are you doing here? And how much time have you spent in this side of the veil?”
“I was someone of importance in the underworld. Important but useless. Like a trophy. So I usually sneeked out to have fun. On such an adventure I hid in the cargo of a military caravan and found myself in the Morgoroth plains. I honestly knew nothing about the army. Most of the underworld knows nothing about the business at the plains. I poked through some plans and what I found forced me to flee my kin. I had an escort of three trustworthy guards with me and I went with them to the Atlantis HQ of reapers to warn them. But we were intercepted mid-way by an unknown force and my escorts had to sacrify themselves for my survival. I am trying to find out about the attackers, but I haven’t had any success, considering my lack of knowledge of this side of the veil.” I stared at her after she finished. That girl demon had quite a chattering mouth. But if she was being truthful, which she obviously was, I was in deeper trouble than I thought. Someone didn’t wanted to let the International HQ know about the invasion. It was going to be tricky to go there. But first things first.
“So what are you going to do now?” I asked her.. Before she could answer, the door of the van opened and a squeaky voice rasped.
“Now you are both going to the Hell academy. You have gained admission by default.” Then the voice paused and I noticed all police cars were gone. The raid was over and we were alone. The light of the van flickered on and a gargoyle swooped in. He looked at us and said to someone else.
“Rocky? I have got two here. A male and a female…. Yes…. I am sure… Both of them are Reaper-Demon hybrids.”

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