Too much to lose. The secret must come out now.

I am frustrated due to my restrictions. The seniors never understand what does it take to work in field. And when you try to get them to understand, your rival takes the chance!
I have been tormented for too long. I don’t know how many of you will take me seriously, but I am going to break the rules right now. Since I am on the run, they can’t harm me anymore.
For those of you who believe in ghosts, souls and the underworld, I congratulate you for your intellect. All of you are correct. The underworld exists and so do all unholy beings you can think of. There is even an organisation in every few countries to take care of the otherworldy business. The Indian subcontinental HQ is obviously located at Kashi, it being the most holy place to die (And being the closest to the the veil seperating both worlds).
Now what we do is prettly simple. We guide lost souls to their resting place, we banish ghosts to the underworld and dispatch demons to hell. Demons are our rivals as they distract souls and force them to become ghosts. You would be thinking how we do that. We are reapers. Also known as Yamdoots in India. The common belief is slightly off the mark as the Yamdoots are the dead reapers who guide, train and mentor us. Their job is to take lives from dying people. Our job doesn’t pay us. We get a choice at our death whether to ascend to the heaven or exist as yamdoots. In our lifetimes, we also get some cool powers like telepathy and telekinesis. Different reapers possess different powers related to their aura.
We are human beings with more than a little control over our chi, chakra, aura; whatever you call it. When our abilities start showing (usually with start of puberty), we are contacted by yamdoots.
Enough with the explanation. Coming to the present, I am running from my higher-ups at Kashi. I left the ‘Reaper Cell’ due to my stupid seniors. Those of you who have been experiencing little chills, fatigue or are sensing something askew, are correct. There has been a lot of demon activity lately. No one knew why. So the Cell assigned me and my partner (dead now) to investigate the increasing Demon activity. I am a little low in the Indian reaper cell hierarchy (Due to something always going wrong in my presence and my pathetic very low amount of aura). So it was just a formality, as the councilmen greedily wanted to increase the amount of their personal aura at the Nashik Kumbh. We departed for Dhanushkodi at Rameshwaram, as there is one of the cheaper portals to the underworld in the sunken city. We found something so big that “we” became “I” while escaping and when I returned to report to my seniors, they laughed at me saying all of that was an attention seeking story and my partner (the only one with less aura than me in the cell) had quit the job. They sent another pair to haul him in, and when they found about his death, they blamed it upon my head and now I am running for my life. My only hope is to tell the International Reaper cell about my discovery, as it is the closest (in the middle of Atlantic) after all asian Cells issued warrants for me.
Now I am on my journey to Europe to reach international HQ in the sunken city of Atlantis.

I am telling all i can to all of you so that you can prepare yourselves for the upcoming worldwide turbulence. Keep reading.


2 thoughts on “Too much to lose. The secret must come out now.

  1. Excuse me?
    Do you really think this crap can be included in sci-fi? Puhleeeease….

    You really need to broaden your imagination bro. And how about posting real stories rather than intros??

    you suck



    • Its nice of you to express your opinion. I know my writing is bad. But I am trying to improve. Keep posting what you like and specially what you don’t.
      I will try my best to fulfil your expectations.


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