What happens when you have dinner with a hot badass Demon in police lockup. – Ch 2

You know your life sucks when you evade assassins to get dragged away by hizdas and find yourself in the house of a powerful politician without permission. And if the politician turns out to be a weredog with his newborn pup, your life really really sucks.
That was the case with me. I was standing before the couple within a group of hizdas and the MP was eyeing me intently. I froze at my place to give him a slight, almost non-existent bow of my head to acknowledge his dominance and he nodded at me. He knew I was a reaper in his territory at his mercy. I souldn’t have been able to enter the property without triggering aural alarms, and the MP kept himself taut, ready to act instantly. The hizdas greeted him and he offered them 20,000 rupees for them blessing his son. They were happy as they retreated after blessing the child and bid their signature good-bye to me, one of them actually grabbing my posterior. The MP softly told his wife to go with the infant and she left. We were staring at each other when the soft thump of the door indicated her departure. The MP took out a remote and pressed a few buttons. Then he sighed heavily and broke our silence.
“What the heck a reaper is doing near my kid? Give me one solid reason why shouldn’t I just kill you and be done with it for trespassing into my territory and messing with my security system.” Reapers were always treated with suspicion since we solely dealt with the underworld. We were considered bad luck and messenger of death. Our presence always caused discomfort among people and other supernatural beings kept away from us except for the vampires. I realised I was alive only because i had hizdas with me to negate the bad aura given off by me to his kid and even so, I was in deep trouble.
“Mmm… because I said… Please? ” I tried to be nonchalant and looked at the MP for any hint of anger. His face was emotionless as he stared at me.
“Sit” His command rang with the power of his aura. I had no trouble abiding him as I sat on a chair to keep my legs from shaking.
“How did you fooled my security system? ” I usually don’t get detected by security since I have only a teeny tiny amount of aura. I willed it to open for him and his eyes glazed when he took in my aura.
“Satisfied? ” I asked, trying to act confident. He nodded at me and settled down on the sofa.
“What brings you here, Reaper? ”
He was confident when he asked me. I didn’t know what to tell him. Weres have an uncanny knack to detect lies. I decided to be partly true.
“I am on my way to Atlantis for a covert op. The hizdas were an escape for me when I ran into trouble.” He nodded, apparently satisfied by the amount of truth in my answer.
“I hope you would be going soon? You have already met my son and i don’t want any bad luck to him. May I talk to you on the way as we leave? ” His voice was calm but it was laced with a hint of threat. I exhaled in relief knowing I was going to be fine. I stood and stretched.
“Thanks for your time.” I said. We started walking towards the door. The MP again took a remote and pressed a few buttons. He looked at me and cocked an eyebrow. I hastily shifted my gaze and sped up. There was a sudden silence as he stopped where he stood. I turned back to see him pulling out a sleek phone.
“Robin? Please bring a backpack to the main door. Yes. Right now.”
I stared at him without a clue what was going on. I didn’t think he was going to kill me and stuff me in the backpack to throw off. He could have killed a hundred times when we were alone, and either way, i wasn’t going to fit into a backpack. He realised my confusion and said.
“You can’t be seen walking out of my place with a burnt bag. Not good for my image”
“Oh” He was talking about my singed pack. I was impressed at his friendliness. He smiled at me and we continued. When we reached the front steps, a man in navy blue kurta payjama was waiting with a backpack. The MP thanked him and offered me the pack. I don’t usually take charity, but I had earned more than enough by bringing the hizdas to him, and the bag was a simple one. I quickly transferred my things from one pack to other and decided to keep the old one with me. He took my hand and there was a warning tone his voice.
“Feel lucky since I was in a good mood today. If i ever found you again anywhere near my territory, i am not going to be so kind.” His posture suddenly changed as he shook my hands enthusiastically. “Vote for me. R.L. Shukla.” I stammered as I tried to get his grip off my hand. The first voice had been the were inside him. “Uh.. i’m Akshat. It was a pleasure meeting you.” I hastily got off the stairs and crossed the main door at a run. When I was assured no one was following me, I took directions for a cheap hotel near the bus station. I was done with my train adventures and I walked towards the hotel using my aura to help my tired feet.
The hotel was not in a good neighbour and had a brothel kind of look. I didn’t care since there was barely a chance of raid. I took a room and slumped on my bed after shutting the door and fell instantly asleep.

When your luck is as crappy as me, you can’t even cross a green signal without scraping a sidewalk.
I woke at midnight at the sound of shouts. I jerked away at there was a thump on my door. “Leave! Leave! Police raid!” The manager was shouting at the doors banging at them. apparently it was not a brothel, but a cheap hook up spot for couples. I was glad i had fallen asleep fully dressed, and i simply put on my backpack and jumped out of the tgree storey window. I aimed my aural anchor instinctively upwards right before landing and i stumbled in landing rather ungracefully. I straightened my clothes and peeked at the front of the hotel. There were seven police vehicles and police was swarming the place. I only had one way to go, and it went right through them. I couldn’t risk getting caught. My eyes scanned the area for probable routes of escape. A van caught my attention. It wad unoccupied and its painting said ‘City Rabies Control’. It was my only option of escape. I was about to break into a run when someone tapped me from behind.
“I would distract them first.”
I jerked to look back into a feminine face and lost my balance when I realised her face was too close to mine. I was about to fall when she grabbed my hand and swung me using my own momentum to get me straight. She was a good looking girl. Black hair and Jeans with Kurti giving her a tough look. If she was in such a place all alone, she needed to be tough.
“How are you going to distract them from here? ” She smiled without showing her teeth. I took in her scent and looked at her aura to find it black. Just like mine. She was a reaper, but from outside the IRC as the hypocrites here assign only desk jobs to girls and she was clearly a field worker as showed from her build.
“Watch and learn”. She smiled deviously as she picked up a discarded rag and put a stone in it.
She swung the rag like a lasso and let it fly up. The stone went three stories high then crashed into the windshield of a distant police car. Every officer ran towards the commotion and we silently slipped to the van. The door was locked but she took a hairpick out of her handbag and picked tbe lock within 40 seconds. She gave me a wink and climbed into the back of van. I followed and found myself sitting between a dog cage and the door. The space was uncomfortable.
“Umm… can we get in the cage? Its quite crampy here… if you don’t mind.” She looked offended.
“Did you already forget where you found me, gentleman? ” Her voice was full of sarcasm. I flushed hard and she started picking the dog crate lock. It clicked open and she motioned for me to enter. She followed and I accidently stepped on her hand as i tried to stretch in the four foot high cage. She yped and let go of the gate. It swung shut and locked itself with a click. We looked at each other, then she slapped me. Hard.
“You stupid…. beep beep beep…. ”
She didn’t stop until she was panting. My ears were red with embarassment as i stared open mouthed at her. That girl had a solid dictionary.
“My lockpick broke in there! you idiot! We are trapped!” I looked at her and then at the gate. Then back at her. I was locked in a 5×5 dog crate with a hot girl, surrounded by police. Completely unexpectedly, I started laughing. She frowned at me and not so much later, we both had cramps in stomach from laughing.
“This is… completely stupid.” She said panting. I realised i was hungry and it was probably going to be morning before someone rescued us. I took out two paranthas from my pack and offered her one. She accepted my offer and without further ado we rolled them and opened our mouths to bite and we both ftoze. She had fangs. Then it clicked in me. Her stealth, black aura, strength and fangs. She was not a reaper. She was a demon. I was locked in a dog crate with a freaking Demon!

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