The local MP is a Were-dog! Ch-1

It has been a few days since my escape from the Indian Reaper Cell headquarters. Believe me when I say it has not been a picnic. It is barely so when you are chased across a railway station by three assasains. It was not a pleasant experience for me to hide with some hizdas to evade the assassins. I am not going to tell you which railway station it was, for obvious reasons (My being on the run & all). You might have heard about it if you were lucky enough to be in that town. The IRC (Indian Reaper Cell) just won’t quit, and I think it is going to be a big problem leaving India, travelling to Atlantis being a far-fetched dream right now. The assassins found me in a passenger train, flirting with girls. I am not a pervert, but its hard to keep silent when you are 18 and two hot chicks are sitting with you. I was being an idiot trying to show off my telekinesis and impress them. That turned to my downfall as use of any kind of aura is easily tracable. The assassins teleported into the toilet of the coach, and i was trapped with only a few witnesses protecting me from death. You see, the Cells worldwide try to be as inconspicuous as possible, since the news of supernatural beings (Reapers, weres, vampires, Banshees, witches and Fairies) living among them can be more than a little disastrous. This was the only thing keeping the assassins away from me as secrecy is our most prior law. I couldn’t teleport thanks to my infinitesimal amount of aura and people tend to notice when you suddenly vanish before them. I was getting more and more tense with time as the number of passengers kept dwindling. The assassins were getting closer and closer to me and I had nowhere to go. Shortly the train arrived at its second last station and now the compartment was left with only the two girls guarding me from certain death. Both of them had noticed my unease and were talking among themselves. The assassins were also getting restless and then with a nod, two of them left the compartment whispering. I was almost sure they were planning to lull the girls to sleep by a charm and were going to bag me. The third one knew what i was thinking and sat before me. “Where are you going from the last station? ” He asked me, clearly trying to break the awkward silence in the compartment. The girls jerked at his gravelly voice and he eased them with a smile and a little charm. I recognised him from my workplace. He was in field work also, and was about to retire to desk job at the age of 45. “Ummm… Going to visit princess Fool Kumari? ” I tried to be casually comic and was relieved to find my voice didn’t breakk. The two girls giggled amused, and the man narrowed his eyes. “Well… I should give you a lift then, I live next to her house” He tried to go with the flow indicating that i should cooperate. I know I was low in aura, weak in strength and possessing almost no abilities. But I was not stupid. I had evaded IRC for five weeks and that is quite an achievement.
“Are you sure you are talking about the correct princess? The one I know lives in a castle and has a property of 250 acres. So I don’t think there is anything as ‘next to her house’.” I tried to buy some time and think of anything to help me escape. Currently my only option was either to fight three men alone or jump out of the open emergency window next to me. If you have travelled in an Indian passenger train, you would be able to tell that the ’emergency’ window is always open. For me, any of the two choices seemed out of question since neither could I take three trained assassins on my own, nor jump out of the moving train to fall to my death. I was trapped and the assassin knew it as he ignored my insult and kept with my act of nonchalance. I was doomed unless i suddenly developed some super-duper miraculous use of my aura, and knowing that reapers with aura as low as me developed skills as super smell or x ray vision, a miracle was out of question.
“I meant to say I work at her palace. Actually I work at her guest relationship department, so it would be my pleasure to escort you there.” The girls looked confused as they understood there was something other than casual joking going on between us. They glanced at each other as I replied.
“I don’t think so.” The assassin cocked an eyebrow at me and nodded to the other two, who had somehow inched themselves closer to the two girls without any of us noticing. I felt a tingle as they tried to make the girls asleep and i yelled, suddenly jumping.
“STOP! I did not impregnate your sister internationally! The condom burst! ” The sudden jump and topic worked as their concentfation broke and they looked taken aback. The girls found out the men had crept up on them and they stood aggresively. I noticed a bridge a little ahead and a large river below. It was my only option of escape; safe or not. I had to jump within seconds as the guy talking to me assessed the situation quickly and lost all his pretense as he shot a ball of flame at me, which luckily hit my backpack which i was pulling down from the luggage rack. Chaos errupted and a lot of things happened in that second. The girls shrieked and jostled into the two assassins to get out of the compartment, apparently hindering their move as they jumped for me. The fire shooting man lunged for my middle but i was already jumping through the window. He was successful to grab my shoe as i started to fall. Only my shoe remained in his hand and i was satisfied to see the expression on his purple face as i started to fall.
If you have ever done high diving or bungi jumping, you would know how slow everything gets as the adrenaline rushes into your system and you become hyper-alert. I squeezed shut my eyes and prepared myself for the wet smack of water. 30 metres is too high to fall into a river from a moving train. And I suddenly realised I didn’t know how to swim. I panicked as the last 3 seconds of my life were in my face and did the single thing i could have done. I pushed down with telekinesis as hard as i could. The more proficient users of aura could levitate themselves a few inches using telekinesis. The ones gifted with a flying art of aura could manipulate it to push thereselves against the gravity forcing a powerful stream of aura behind them. It took a lot of aura to do that so newbies as me with low amount of aura were not gifted with such abilities.
I squeezed my eyes tighter and prayed for it to work. With a jolt I realised my speed was increasing instead of decreasing and i was maybe half a second from the impact. I forced my body to elongate and tried myself to allign to hit water streamlined. I tensed my whole body for the impact.

Imagine my shock as i didn’t hit the water in the next second or its next as my speed kept increasing and i freefalled. After a few seconds, curiosity got me and I opened my eyes a crack and shut them instantly. I had expected to see the muddy water or a ravine appear out of nowhere. What I saw instead was blue colour. I dared and opened my eyes against the wind. All feelings left my body and my mind failed to analyse what my eyes saw. I was falling up into the sky. I was falling, not flying, into nothingness. My body went numb as i looked up to see the ground getting farther away. A wave of vertigo hit me as I shut my eyes again. I didn’t know what to do. Seconds passed and i realised i wasn’t scared. I was exhaliarated. I opened my eyes and looked down into the sky. A feeling of righteousness engulfed me as if I belonged there. I was no more scared. But falling into the sky was still a problem. I looked within my aura and found a faint but strong whisp anchoring me to somewhere below in the sky. I let my mind go blank as it is used to concentrate manipulating aura, and tried to reallign the anchor to earth. A wave of nausea filled me as i was yanked backwards.I slowly halted at the apex, and then i began to fall from the sky to earth. I could still feel the anchor and as i went much lower, I once again inverted it. My body slowly came to a halt with another weaker nausea and before I could go further up I again anchored my self towards earth. This time the nausea was almost non-existent as i fell back again. I continued this to and fro journey and when i was close enough to the earth, I reversed it for a final time and stumbled to land on a high voltage power tower. Thankfully there were no wires, the tower still being constructed, and no one had noticed me apparently. I climbed down slowly to find myself in the railway station compound. The tower was being constructed for the railway power grid and I was glad to be back on my feet. I released the anchor and found my aura to settle itself slowly. The train from which I had jumped was arriving at the station and I walked in confidently on the platform hoping to meet those girls. I had just gotten some water to rinse off the soot from my partly fried backpack when i knocked into someone big.
“Sorry” i mumbled as I tried to pass by. The man grabbed my arm and said sweetly
“I don’t think the princess would be happy” i jerked at the gravely voice and found the fire shooter holding me. He was alone and I realised they must have seperated to find me. A glazed look came to his eyes and was gone as he contacted his partners telepathically. I was neck deep in trouble if i didn’t get away from him before his friends come over. I noticed one of them crossing the overhead pass three platforms away but the third was nowhere in sight. I had 1 minute. 90 seconds max to get rid of him without creating a scene. He smirked and said
“Sahab would like to know their little baby is safe.” He was referring to my overseer, Md. Azhar Sheikh, and I broke a sweat as I remembered how much that man loathed me. I wasn’t the only one to hear him as a group of hizdas crossed by and one of them halted mid-stride to turn.
“Oooooh! Little Baby! Aren’t we lucky to have a pretty baby of the great ‘Sahab’ in our care. Are we girls? ” They all had stopped and before he could say anything another said.
“Sahab shouldn’t play with his baby alone. What are we for? And won’t you want some good luck? ” It clapped in his face as a third chimed in.
“Who is this ‘Sahab’ girls, and why haven’t we given blessings to the little baby? ” Hizdas are considered good luck and their blessings are valuable for little kids. Mr. Fire ball sputtered to reply and I grabbed my chance.
“He is the driver of our MP Sahab and was here to gift sweets to the Station Master. Weren’t you Ramu Kaka? ” I tried to get him tangled with the group as he struggled and then nodded at me. The hizdas looked at me and the first one said
“Aren’t you a sweet yourself, girlie? ” They all laughed and clapped when i blushed remembering my still growing facial hair and forgot about Mr. Fire Shooter.
“Excuse me. We need to get back to MP Sahab.” He had regained his composure and was trying to pull me away from the group. The third hizda interrupted.
“Not possible, Ramu Kaka. We must bless the kid. Girls! Take the girlie with us and let Ramu Kaka go to his car. MP Sahab is waiting for us.” Aparently she was the leader of the group, And Mr. Fire Shooter couldn’t do anything when they smothered him with kisses and took 2000 from his wallet and dragged me to their van. I smiled and waved at him as he stared at us in disbelief. He knew he couldn’t deny anything to a hizda, or a group of them. He waved his first at me and I greeted him with my finger. I looked at the group when he walked away.
“Mmm… may i have extra footwear? My shoe is lost” They giggled as they dragged me towards their van. One of them told me to check my shoe somewhere…. anatomically impossible.
If you have ever travelled with a hizda in a closed van, you would know there is no limit to embarrassment. We reached the mansion of our MP and the hizdas gained entry without any problem. I was wearing a pair of pink frilly flp-flops and was glad to find the MP was home with his kid. I hadn’t created the story myself about him having baby. I read about it in the train and i used it for my purpose. We were led to a more personal part of the mansion and were offered drinks. Other hizda groups had also visited the MP. I was planning my escape when the inner door opened abd a couple walked out with a baby. The MP halted abruptly and searched our faces. His gaze stopped at my face and I felt a tingle as I realised he knew I was a Reaper because I too knew exactly what he was. Our MP was a Were-dog.

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    • Dear Ishendra.

      I try to do my best while i write. I handle this blog from my phone, not my pc, so please be patient at mistakes.

      Do point them out to me as your criticism guides me to do better.


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