Introduction to some less known Indian fantasy creatures

India is a land rich in culture. We have a lot of history twined with a full barrage of mystical creatures. Let’s have a look at some of those.


The Icchhadhari Naaga

Who in the world of fantasy is unaware of werewolves! Every fantasy writer has stumbled upon some kind of were characters somehow. Indian folk stories tell us about Snakes that could change into humans.

  • Such beings usually existed in couples and many of their stories were related to the death of one lover and the vengeance of the mourning lover.
  • Icchhadhari Naagas are said to possess Naaga-Mani, which is supposed to be the centre of their powers and soul.
  • They are able to hypnotize people and their memory never fades away.
  • Either they are humans who have been cursed and cannot reproduce, or are snakes blessed for their love of good and god. Such Naagas can reproduce.
  • The cursed were evil and the blessed don’t care about anything but their lover.




Pishhachas are the Indian versions of vampires. Their stories illustrate a vast range of different abilities and I have compiled a few of them for you.

  • They thrive on blood and soul.
  • They are strongest during sunrise and sunset
  • Some stories have them allergic to sunlight; the same as vampires, while other point their aversion to sunlight as a sign of being nocturnal.
  • They can reproduce and infect others as well. The true born are immortal while the infected have an elongated lifetime.

They are mostly on the dark side.



Churails are Indian demons long lost into the dark art of witchcraft.

  • Their diet is blood and their power come from sacrificing infants.
  • They live alone and usually teach greedy, evil women into becoming Dains.
  • They are immortal and can give birth to a single child in their whole lifetime.
  • Such a child is a male ghoul and there is not much description about them other than they lure the victims for their mother.
  • A churail gains unimaginable power if she sacrifices her own infant.
  • They always side with the evil.




Dains are students of churails and they work to spread evil and disdain into the society driven by jealousy, greed, love or sometime pure foolishness.

  • They are sterile and hate newly married couples and infants more than anything.
  • They gain their powers by selling their souls to devil through a churail.
  • They are hard to detect and easily blend with day to day life.
  • They bind their souls to a focus and unless it is destroyed, they turn into churails upon death.


Tantriks and Aghoris

Tantriks are the one of the few scarce magic possessing beings in India who are with the good side.

  • They gain their powers through a hard life of living alone and pure determination to God.
  • Their methods of doing magic are limited and most of their magic requires a Yagya.
  • They live their lives alone and are hard pressed towards omitting evil.


Sanyasi, Sant and Mahatmas

They are servants of god and devote their lives to helping others.

  • They all have a patron God who they worship.
  • They seldom use magic and most of their skill resides in herbs and seemingly mundane arts.
  • They are kind hearted gentle persons who possess the ability to curse anyone. Even Gods.
  • They take apprentices and always travel in a student teacher pair.
  • They are hugely powerful, but they tend to avoid any situation of using it.



These are the creatures who were once humans or are related to them by blood. Their is a complete different range of species also.

I plan on publishing it soon. So stay tuned and enjoy The Legacy of Kalki for free at my blog.



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