The revelation – A dark Kalki? – Ch 14

When you have been running on adrenaline for three days without any sleep, its only natural that your body gets tired as hell. And then if you get a chance to sleep, you wake up only after the morning. So much for saying. When you are me, You are raised by an immortal jumping on you and telling you that you are the incarnation of one of the trinity and a bunch of other immortals are going to kill you. Fun, Isn’t it? No. It is not.

It took my mind a few seconds to decipher what I was hearing. I was Kalki reincarnate? Was she serious? And when the meaning seeped in completely, I jumped right out of the bed. I expected Natasha to fly off me and land somewhere on the wall. I wildly looked for her in the dark room only to find it without any hint of pink. Looking down, I was a little confused by seeing me still in my bed. Hadn’t I jumped? That was when the truth hit me. I was dreaming.

I slumped back on the bed and looked at my bedside watch. It showed 3:46 in the morning and I sighed heavily. It was going to be another day with headaches for me. I shut my eyes and tried to sleep again. But the dream lingered as if it was some kind of premonition from my subconscious. I decided to try the world famous trick and started to count sheep in a field. Slowly I lost count and started counting in a loop till 12. This time, I forgot when I was awake and gradually faded into slumber.

My slumber was disturbed by a loud squealing and stamping of feet. Groggily I opened my eyes and looked to find what the commotion was all about. Agnishikha was squealing in delight and was jumping up and down while holding Liam’s hands. The gargoyle was bobbing up and down in mid air and looked green. Seth and Rocky were laughing at Lisa who was red faced and was holding what looked like a tissue box. She quickly stepped through the bouncing couple and vanished into the bathroom. Seth found me looking at him and immediately his smile vanished. He touched Agnishikha on her shoulder and whispered something to her. She let go of Liam’s hand who shakily shifted to Rocky’s shoulder. I was being stared by all of them and their looks were a little ominous.

I stood up and stretched. It was creepy the way they were staring at me and I was completely freaked out. “Hi guys?” I asked hoping against hope that their expression might change. They said nothing and a voice came from behind them. “Just tell him and let him decide what it means. Cut out the drama and excuse me.” It was Lisa who had washed her still red face and pushed through the lot to face me. “Your choice Akshat. Bad news first or good news?” I liked that girl for this very reason. She was solid. I didn’t want to start my morning with a bad news so I chose to hear the good one first. “Um… The good news? And please stop staring at me like that. Its creeping me out.” As if my words broke them out of some kind of trance, all of them mumbled apologies and settled on the closest things they could find. It was a chair for Seth, bed for Agnishikha, table for Rocky and Lisa pulled me down back on my bed with her.

“I think Lisa might want to say the good news.” Rocky said and Lisa sighed. “Okay. The good news we found out at the greater Novem concerns the alliance of the other pantheons. The Greek and Roman Pantheons have decided to sit on the sidelines and watch it all unfold. They will decide to interfere only if we are on the verge of loosing. The Celtic, Jain, Sikh, Islam, Maayab and a few other pantheons have decided to stay neutral because ‘It doesn’t concerns them’. A few gods from each of them have decided to join Decain but they are ignoring that part of the situation. Our most successful exchange is with the Norse. They are considering it as the beginning of the Ragnarok and are ready to join us at the moment Loki gets free. This is the greatest advantage for us since none of the Norse have joined Decain.” She finished with a smile.

If that was the good news then I was certainly disappointed. Not that it wasn’t a good thing, but what were the chances of Loki getting free if Decain found out it might help us? I was certainly hoping for the help of other gods but when our own had refused us, who would like to do so?

“And for the bad part… Liam will tell you.” She said and patted my arm as if assuring me. Liam jumped from Rocky’s shoulder and settled on Lisa’s outstretched arm. He cleared his throat and said. “Decain has sent us a message.  He claims he has the person who holds three parts of Kalki’s soul out of the dozen. And he is the same person who attacked Seth’s tribe. The worst thing is… Decain claims ‘He is the brother of that reaper godling you are hiding in your dungeons.'”

They all became silent as they let me respond. The Godling they were hiding? And he was a reaper? it meant that… I looked up into their faces in horror. I had a brother? And he was supporting Decain? That was unexpected. And how could he hold three parts of Kalki’s twelve?

I had a lot of questions swirling in my head. You have to be a little unsettled if your brother was an evil pawn who had killed a whole tribe. I looked at Seth expecting his anger or loathing for me. But what I found was only sympathy. I turned to Liam and asked. “How can he possess three parts of Kalki’s soul?” It was a little surprising when my voice came out normal and steady. Liam looked taken aback and he glanced at Rocky. With his nod, Liam wheezed. “It is possible to wrench out the part of a living god from one’s soul if a higher God wills it. If he is your brother, his bloodline allows him to possess a god’s soul. if Decain has the blessings of a higher god and if he has the skills to do the transfer and he has found the beings having Kalki’s soul, then he might…”

He left the sentence hanging and dropped on the bed. The way Liam’s ears twitched and the jerkiness of his glances showed that he was scared. Agnishikha tried to cheer us up and said. “Did anyone notice the number of “if”s and “might”s in Liam’s explanation? Come on guys! That is a lot of variables even for Decain! And relax… None of our gods shall side with him. And those who will do so, don’t have enough strength to bless him. So calm down. He is not getting the most important part he needs and our side wouldn’t help him at any price.”

Her voice had a tinge of hope mixed with forced happiness. Overall it sounded like she needed some convincing herself. Everyone was lost in thoughts as I pondered upon what she said. None of us shall help him… A chill went down my spine as I recited Liam’s explanation about Chaos. “Um… Guys?” It drew their attention and from the look on Lisa’s face, she had reached the same conclusion as me. “Aren’t there creatures of Chaos in the same class as our higher Gods? What if they helped him?”

The silence which followed my words was so foreboding that I wished I had not pointed it out. Lisa was thinking something from the look on her face and she asked Rocky. “Wouldn’t the soul of Kalki change if it is bound by a Chaotic creature? I mean… The power of the Kalki avatar resides in the fact that Kalki has almost all of Lord Vishnu’s aura. Wouldn’t the aura change if someone from the other side blesses it?”

Her hope was obvious the way she asked the question. If the soul was changed, then it would not be Kalki any longer. That would cause a lot of different possibilities as it meant other Gods from the trinity could interfere.

Rocky was uncomfortable when he looked at Liam for the answer. His discomfort was obvious and Seth replied in his stead. “No one can say for sure. If that being from Chaos has an aura even a little bit similar to Lord Vishnu then they will consume each other. But the most probable thing is that the chaotic aura may taint Kalki’s and make it evil.” He paused to emphasize his point and continued. “It would be like covering a pure white football with a black balloon. It would hardly affect the use of the ball, but it will be black instead of being white.”

He finished his explanation and looked at Lisa for her reaction. Her lips were clamped in worry. Agnishikha was deep in thoughts and the same was the case with everyone. It was a very bad thing if it happened. No ordinary god could defeat my brother and we will have to go looking for the rest of Kalki’s part of souls for even a little fighting chance. Even then, It would be hard to make the possessors of the souls fight together.

“Don’t worry guys. The Novem will see to it. We just have to do our part.” Agnishikha said as if closing the topic. “Who is coming for breakfast?” She asked as she got ready to head out. Everyone stood in unison and Seth held back to walk with me. “Don’t worry Aksh, we will figure something out. Just hope that Kalki doesn’t become dark.”

I smiled weakly at him. Agnishikha opened the door to find a guard with his hand raised to knock. He stepped back and said politely. “Princess Agnishikha, reaper Akshat, Lord Varun is here to take you to the realm of Gods.”

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