How to create your lead science fiction character

Every science fiction revolves around a lead character, or a lead team. It is mandatory for a storyline to have a lead character. The more time you spend on it, the more better your story becomes.

Importance of strong lead character

☞ A story has to have a point of narration. Narrating from the point of view of a single, or few distinct characters make the story easier to follow.

☞ If you are narrating from a distinct person’s point of view, it keeps the story from scattering and binds it all together.

☞ The readers try to find similarities between them and the lead. They form a bond with the lead to live into the story better.

How to make a lead character strong

☞ A lead character needs to be strong. Not in the strength of muscles and attitude, but his/her strong presence in the story. The more events you relate to the lead, the stronger his presence will become in the story.

☞ The lead needs to be bold. Boldness here doesn’t mean personality. The personality can vary from goofy to angry to shy to introvert. The thinking and emotions of lead must be deatailed enough for the readers to have a decent idea about his/her way of thinking. The impact of the lead’s emotions must be bold.

Relation to the supernatural

☞ If you plan on adding supernatural in the story, add it according to your lead. This will bring him out in the focus and you can move forward smoothly without having troubles from side stories.

☞ Giving your lead a unique supernatural skill greatly improves the storyline.

How to make readers like your lead character

☞ You can make the lead’s past tragic (many writers do this) to gain the support of readers.

☞ You can give the lead an important secret. It makes the story more thrilling.

☞ Don’t make the lead always win.
We all like happy endings. But too many happy endings deteriorates the reader’s interest by making the story predictable.

☞ Death of someone dear acts like gum for people. They sympathize with the lead and stick to the story.

Skeleton to design a lead

☞ Define the purpose of the story and create the lead’s character accordingly.

☞ When you have decided your world and timeline, create the personality of the lead.

☞ Create his family and his friends, as well as his own history. Note it all down, because this will help you a lot in designing side quests when you move further into the story.

☞ Decide an accent and a manner of speaking for the lead.

☞ If your lead is good boy, then add some bullies into the story.

☞ If your lead is a bad guy then add some people in the story whom he envies.

These are some most basic tips. You can do whatever you want with the lead as you are its God.

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