Indian Internet – Crippled talent and Hardships of Net Access

Hi there!

I want to ask you all a question. What was your first obstacle when you started blogging?

99% of you would have the same answer. “Traffic”

Getting people to read your blog is really a mighty problem. There are thousands of different articles across the internet on a single topic.

How to increase your blog traffic?

Do you agree? I thought you might. Getting traffic to your blog is a mammoth task.

Now let us come to my country; India. It is a developing country and world’s largest republic. The backbone of Indian economy is agriculture.

Almost 70% of the Indian population directly depends upon agriculture for their survival.

They are farmers, labours, shepherds & mostly hired arms. Having an area about half of the US and a population about 4 times to it makes Indian farmers possess a lot lesser land per person. In fact most of the land is owned by 30% of the larger farmers and the rest have to work on their fields & submit half of their production to the landlords.

You might be wondering what this has to do with blogging. Just wait a few moments. I am getting to the point.

This system creates a huge pool of people who aim for just food and clothing for the day. The word ‘internet‘ is as alien to them as the prospect of life on the moon. The number of internet users in India is somewhere between 200 – 300 millions out of the population of 1.25 billions.

The government aims mainly for the basic facilities for farming and internet is considered only a useful luxury. I live in the poorest district of the 2nd-poorest state in India. My village was “rewarded” by electricity only last year. The exact number of computers in my village is 6 – including my PC. We can avail internet only through a certain private mobile network

Words like ‘broadband‘, ‘LTE‘, ‘3G‘ or ‘4G‘ hold no meaning for us.

Let us get back to my initial question. What was the first obstacle in blogging for me? It was getting a working internet connection. It is in fact still an obstacle for me because the rag-tag connection I have provides me with a meagre maximum of 2kbps to 5kbps; & that too, only if I sit under a certain tree in a field near my house.

The stupid mobile tower which was providing me with internet broke down last month and I was rendered without an internet connection. The two times I’ve been able to get online was when I visited an internet café in my nearest town. Getting adequate traffic is certainly a great problem. I don’t dare say that it’s not a thing to wrestle with.


Blogging is a meaningless word without access to the internet.

God knows how much talent is waiting to be discovered in the rural parts of India which are still without internet. It is killing & crippling a potential Indian blogging community.

This problem is not only for blogging but for the simple access to internet. Techno giants like Facebook are trying to lure the population by offering them “free” internet. The people are unaware of the term ‘net neutrality’ and are simply giving away their right to information.

The problem is too huge to be explained by a single blog post. No person knows when will we get over it.

Sorry for the absence of my blog posts in the last month. I hope to get back online in the new year.

What were the problems you faced when you started blogging? How did you overcome them? What scares you more – technical glitches or less traffic?

Keep blogging!

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