What to do when you are offered a place in heaven – Definitely not the obvious – Ch 15

Imagine the moment when you open the door and you find out a God is there waiting for you. Impossible, right? Wrong. When you belong to my world, it is possible that you enter a temple to pray and find the God hanging out there to meet his devotees.

I was looking blandly at the guard who had a hint of smile on his face. It turned to confusion when he noticed our looks. Agnishikha was opening and closing her mouth to form words she couldn’t utter. Lord Varun? Here to take us? Wasn’t I in enough trouble as the situation was? But what could have I done before a god did not matter. He could simply bring all his essence here and I was gone. Forget his full, even a fraction of his concentrated essence was enough to disintegrate me into pure energy itself.

The guard cleared his throat and I fumbled to make some words. Rocky beat me to it and strode forth to ask. “Might you be aware of the reason of his presence?” His tone was polite and formal. The guard nodded and replied in the same formal way. “These are the only two godlings currently engaged in any supernatural community. It is best for them to learn with other godlings under the protection of the realm of Gods.” His voice had an edge which pointed the reply as a prepared one. Rocky looked uncertain as Agnishikha found her composure once again and asked the guard. “Didn’t the Gods pay no heed to our warnings about Decain earlier? What has changed now?” Her tone carried her fiery intent well enough. The guard bristled and lost all pretense of acting nice. “Look lady. I am not the person responsible for this or the priests of lord Varun who might answer your questions. I am just here to fetch you and tell you what has been told to me.” He sounded exasperated and there was definitely a hint of truth in what he said.

Meanwhile Seth and Lisa had also arrived at the door and it was getting a little uncomfortable. The guard looked at all of us and continued. “Now will you please accompany me to meet him?” He dared us to deny it and I decided to better comply. A god was not who I wanted as an enemy. I liked to live and leave peacefully. Before Agnishikha could shoot any more of her blazing words at him, I nodded and said. “Okay. Take us to him.”

All of them had a little surprised look on their face as the guard asked for our hands. Agnishikha offered hers unconsciously and we were pulled through a blur to be teleported into a waiting area as it looked. The guard immediately teleported back and we were left in that room. I dearly waited for my graduation from the Hell Academy since it was the day I was to be allowed to teleport from anywhere to any public place in the veil (If I ever managed to do so).

The room we were in was empty except for a pair of plush sofas decorated with velvet designs. There was no one in sight. Or i thought there was not. A cough came from behind us and we turned back to find the person who made it. A gasp left our lips as we met the sight. There was a tall column of water suspended in mid air as if made of jelly. I could bet my life that the water was pure by just looking at it. The water inside it swirled and swished as if someone was shaking the container the water was held in, except there was no container.

A humanoid shape slowly formed as the column came nearer. Gradually the water took solid form and a man appeared out of it. He was wearing simple clothes, perhaps a bit formal. A white shirt and dark blue pants suited him well. He had a handlebar mustache with a hint of two day old stubble. An expressionless face made him look as if weighing us. Agnishikha immediately bowed into a formal namaste. “Lord Varun”. She said respectfully with a hint of awe on her face. I followed a bit later and his lips seemed to twitch as if in distaste.

Before I could do anything else, there was a tug at my aura and several people appeared out of thin air with a swish of flowing clothes. Maharishi Kalson was the most prominent of them all with Natasha a startling appearance in her wild pink. I expected them to bow to Lord Varun or at least a curtsy. They surprised me by taking almost defensive stances. Jacqueline was also with them and she let out at what passed as a barely restrained snarl.

“May I ask you how did you find out this place?” It was Maharishi Kalson. He seemed as professional as ever but a tightness to his mouth betrayed his calmness. Lord Varun glanced at him and suddenly I could feel a chill dampness around me. The room seemed a lot colder under Lord Varun’s glare. He answered calmly. “I am amazed how arrogant you… immortals are. Did you really believe a puny extension of the space can hide you from a God’s eyes? You overstep every threshold of foolishness ever known.”

His face still did not betray any emotion but he seemed on the verge of a smirk. Natasha hissed and stepped forward but she was held back by Jacqueline. Maharishi Kalson appeared to be at a loss of words for a moment. But he mended the bit of uncertainty by nodding at him and looking at me & Agnishikha. Lord Varun smiled and turned to us. “You don’t seem to be much at the first look, but you might be useful once you join your brothers and sisters in heaven. Prepare for departure.”

I blurted out before I could think of holding myself back. “But why? Why do you come for us now? We are as content and as safe here as anywhere else.” there was a sharp intake of breath from anyone as the words hung in the room. I had forgotten that I was before a god. A sheet of cold passed over me and my whole body went rigid. It was as if I was again entrapped by the churail’s spell but a little differently. I was able to move muscles all over my body. But to no visible effect. Lord Varun had taken the water inside me in his control. Agnishikha immediately went down on both her knees and bowed her head to him. “Please forgive his ignorance Lord. He meant no disrespect. He is unaware of the customs he should follow.”

Lord Varun turned his glare to Agnishikha and spoke indifferently. “And might you be from a royal clan, demon?” He asked mockingly and made the word ‘demon’ sound as an insult. Agnishikha looked as if she wanted to throw something at him. Her face was scarlet, whether from anger or humiliation I didn’t know.

Natasha broke free of Jacqueline’s grasp and spat. “Don’t stretch us to the point of breaking lord. You might see another Dev-Asura war unraveling due to your ignorance.” She made the word ‘lord’ sound like an insult and Lord Varun turned to look at her. He was obviously misled by her 12 year old appearance and looked at Kalson mockingly. “Well… I didn’t know you lacked wit enough to grant a child immortality. I fear you humans have degraded yourself beyond the limits. We might have to interfere.”

Everyone looked visibly worried at his words. Natasha was again struggling against Jacqueline who had apparently caught her again. Lord Varun turned his attention back to us and the cramps holding me strengthened a bit. I let out a grunt of pain and was seriously thinking about going on offensive and try using my anchor when suddenly with a huge rumble, the whole building shook. All of us except Lord Varun staggered with the overwhelming amount of aura accompanying the wave. Without a conscious effort I broke out of Lord Varun’s grip. It was as if I was trying to pysh open a door which opened by pulling instead. The first look of shock appeared on his face. It was missed by everyone else as they were scrambling in glazed stares to contact everyone telepathically. Somehow I had the notion that the veil was shrinking.

Seeing everyone scattered, Lord Varun lunged for me. His feet became a spiraling jet of water adding speed to his flight. But Natasha was bounding towards us as fast as Lord Varun and she jumped for our hands. I didn’t know what happened but there was definitely a look of utter hatred and perhaps a gleam of content in his eyes as Lord Varun watched Natasha teleporting with me.

Everthing blurred out and I scrambled to grab Natasha. Before I could have gotten any hold on her, the blur sharpened as we teleported in a meadow in the middle of what appeared to be a forest. Natasha was clutching Agnishikha in her other hand who hastily straightened.

The meadow was full of forest sounds. The sound of insects, birds and wind caressing the trees. The sky was a startling blue and there were no clouds in sight. A stream was flowing through the clearing and a wild array of colorful flowers bloomed on its banks. The air itself was pure to the point that it made itself noticed. It was completely different from the hustle and bustle of the modern cities. I frowned upon how the word ‘modern’ came to my mind.

Natasha suddenly growled and slumped down on the grass with her head in her hands. Agnishikha broke away from staring at our surroundings and looked at me uncertainly. Natasha grabbed a fistful of her hair and howled like a 12 year old. “He tricked me! That rotting piece of God tricked me!” I shot a worried glance at Agnishikha and asked Natasha “Um… Natasha? Who tricked you? And where have you brought us?” My voice was as meek as I could make. I definitely didn’t want to bring the wrath of a pissed immortal upon myself.

Agnishikha sat beside Natasha and warily put her hand on her shoulder when she ignored my question. She jerked to her with a quickness that made both of us flinch. If one could put molten lava into eyes, that was the way Natasha’s eyes looked. She stared at Agnishikha and said in a dead, flat voice.

“Lord Varun has trapped us in a dimension of his own creating. We are the slaves of his will.”

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