Daayan, The Indian Black witch – A brief study

Witchcraft is a part of the folklore of every culture. Mages, Wizards, Warlocks, Witches, Sorcerers are found in the history of all cultures. They might be as famous as the Salem witch hunt, or might be limited to the confines of a single family. Their stories are considered myth at several places while various people claim to have lived through them.

India has a rural population of 700 million. Let me ask you something. Have you ever heard about the Indian witchcraft? Are you aware of the Indian witches and their abilities? It is an era of globalization and who knows? Indian witches might decide to go international! It’s better to get ready beforehand. Let us find about the Indian Black witches, Daayans.

Origins and Creation

Daayans are one of the few Indian mythical creatures who have written records relating to them. The first such record is of 16th century, when a female cult was executed for stealing and sacrificing newborns. All of them were married, infertile women shunned by the society.

But when the written records are lost, stories of witchcraft lead back to the epic period; the period of Ramayana and Mahabharata. These stories describe Daayans as childless mothers gone bad, selling their souls to Goddess Kali in exchange of powers.

I have compiled some most common and believable facts for you.
Daayans are created through three different methods.

  • When a child dies during birth and the mother loses consciousness, a dakini (Minion of the goddess Kali) is said to come and give her two choices. Either to live with the grief, pain and hurt, or to sell her soul to the goddess for a powerful life without any feeling or emotion except jealousy.
  • If a Churail stumbles upon a pregnant women, she uses her dark arts to convince the mother to sacrifice the child and gain unimaginable power from the vile act. Such a daayan becomes a churail after death.
  • If a woman breaks her heart in blind love or is used and dumped in the pretense of love, she becomes a daayan through a ceremony to take her revenge. So what? Won’t you want a chance at your ex who treated you as toilet paper? 😉
  • Some daayans are said to be dakinis forced to live in the mortal world as punishment from the goddess Kali.

Appearance and traits

Most of the witnesses who claim to have seen a daayan point towards some distinct traits.

  • Daayans have inverted feet. They have toes on the back and heel on the front.
  • The most common attire of a daayan is a white saree.
  • Daayans are mostly seen at midday and midnight. But they seldom hunt during their prime time, Sunrise and sunset.
  • Bamboo groves are the most common hunting grounds for a daayan.
  • Sometimes a daayan takes the form of a beautiful woman to seduce the one by whom she was betrayed, and sucks his semen and blood completely to transform him into an old man. Its only natural that a pervert gets attracted to the deadly beauty gunning for his head… or balls. 😉 Don’t you agree?
  • Such daayans are most dangerous since they have a perfect visual appearance and their original form (Inverted feet) can be seen only at new moon.
  • A lot of daayans are said to wander about in graveyards when their revenge or the purpose of selling their souls is accomplished. Such daayans lose all pretense of hiding among people and revert to their original form. It makes their skin pebbly, gray and dead. Their eyes acquire a pure white tint and their hair becomes complete sleek gray. This is the point when they have to make a choice. Either move on to hell, or become a churail, or devote their all to goddess Kali to become dakinis.
  • Except the typical Daayans, many women often follow their paths and try to make a daayan accept them as students. Such a woman offers the daayan her soul and blood little by little as the daayan teaches her dark arts feeding on her. Such women are easily spotted since they have a visible malevolent environment around them.


Powers and Abilities

Daayans gain their power by sacrificial ceremonies and feeding off evil intents. There magic is slow to work but it lingers for a long time.

  • Daayans usually have three basic abilities. 1) Mild hypnosis, 2) Basic telekinesis & 3) The power of summoning.
  • Hypnosis is used by the daayans who look for revenge in love. Such daayans usually don’t stop after their target and succumb to the evil of sucking out semen and blood from more and more young handsome men. Hypnosis is a very handy tool for them.
  • Other daayans use hypnosis to hide effectively in the society. They even use it to gain position of influence. You would definitely like to have it, won’t you? So would I!
  • Most newly created daayans are able to hypnotize only one person at a time. The ability to hypnotize more effectively and more widely comes with experience
  • Mild telekinesis is a handy tool to have. It might be a priority item on your wish list, only it comes with a price of your soul! Sorry but no discount! 😉
  • It is an important asset for daayans who haven’t acquired apprentices. Setting up and performing a sacrificial ceremony is not easy with only two hands. The precision with which it is performed requires the use of telekinesis.
  • Telekinesis is also used to show off. It is a source of living for many daayans.
  • Summoning is the most powerful ability of a daayan. They summon all kind of evil entities to gain their knowledge and a part of their soul’s power.
  • Such act is the only thing by which a daayan stockpiles on spells. All of their spells are stirred by one or other evil soul.
  • Such stockpiling is essential for them as it is the only thing they carry with themselves. Wouldn’t it be hard to carry around a trunk of bones, wood, body parts and stuff to create a spell when needed?
  • Many Daayans also summon powerful demon spirits to sometime possess their bodies. The daayan gets a fine amount of aura and power while the soul gets a chance to live again.
  • Some of the most adept daayans are also able to summon souls to possess other people. This is a wicked weapon to have in one’s arsenal.

Weakness and Defense

A daayan is like a leech. Once she sets you as her target, you have to get her hook off you, or you are dead meat. The weaknesses of a daayan include her place of death, her blood heir, any holy place and strong will (Most easy way to gain it is through Lord Hanuman).

  • You might be wondering how these can help you. The truth is that only a holy place or object works effectively against a daayan. A Tantrik might use the soil of her demise and her blood to banish her to hell, effectively severing all her ties with goddess Kali, but you might not be able to do it. I know for sure that it is beyond my abilities. You may try,but its your life on the line! Not mine! 😉
  • If you want to go on the aggressive, then the only thing that can help you is your will. A daayan seeks the weakness inside you. If you let even a little hint of negativity slip, you are as good as a dead goat.
  • The Hindu god Hanuman is the god of strength; physical and mental. Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa in front of a daayan is like pouring lead into her ears. I have witnessed such an event myself!!! (On television, of course. 😉 )

Even if you aren’t able to do any of these, then the least you can do is keep a sacred or holy thing always with you. It shall prevent most of the daayans from attacking you, except the most powerful ones. And even after doing all this a daayan is able to harm you successfully, then dude… You better go through a sex changing operation.

Upcoming in the series:-

“Churails, Daayans and Females – The interconnection”

2 thoughts on “Daayan, The Indian Black witch – A brief study

  1. But i thought that Daayans are very old even before Kaliyug but Chudail has been introduced a few centuries ago only.
    And Daayan is at least 100 times more powerful than a Chudail. Daayan has control over many types of spirits. They also capture the spirits of humans killed by her. Daayans have good knowledge of Tamsik Kriyas and Tone Totkas. A Daayan can capture 100 Chuadails single-handedly.
    On the other hand, Chudails are good at shapeshifting. They can covert themselves to a beautiful woman in order to lure her prey. Chudails have very less knowledge of Tantra Sadhnas hence they got captured easily by Aghoris and Tantriks..
    Well its not that there’s descriptions that are perfect because with time most of them have changed…so its impossible that we have the exact description of a dayaan and a. Chudail unless we see one ourselves 😇😊.


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