How to write your own science fiction novel

Here is a brief guide for you to start writing your own fantasy adventure. It has lot of room to improvise so that you don’t feel restricted.

Decide your storyline.
Before doing anything else, determine your aim for the story. It might be a simple thought or a climax or a character at the begining. A strong storyline is a very important part of every story. You might want to write a story, or a novel, but the thing remains same.

☞ Choose a hard-set storyline. You sholudn’t wander away from your initial goal in the middle of the story.
☞ Keep it as simple as possible. A simple storyline is a strong factor in a fluent story. It also allows you to add different side ventures and keep on track at the same time.
☞ Don’t choose something you don’t know much about. The reality to fiction ratio makes a strong base for your story.

Choose your timeline and world

You might want to set your story in a parallel world like the middle earth or The Kingkiller Chronicles. You can also choose a different timeline like in The Hunger Games or Uglies.

☞ Choose carefully as your world setting determines a lot of your writing and you cannot change it afterwards.

☞ Don’t try to alter your timeline in your parallel world. It makes things tougher and authors haven’t ignored this fact without any solid reason.

☞ If you are writing Zombie fiction, then remember to make all canned food disappear quickly!  😉 😛 . It is a fact that almost every zombie apocalyptic author has ignored that they have expiry dates.

Determine your lead character/team.

Every story needs a hero/heroine. Your story is nothing without a strong lead character.

☞ Give a lot of time to your lead character. You might want to draw a tree diagram for his family, friends and acquaintices. It helps very much.

☞ If you want to alternate your story among different people’s POV, don’t make the people similar to each other. It removes interest from the story.

☞ Choose a distinct personality of your lead and try to get settled with a distinct behaviour.

Point of narration

☞ You might want to narrate the story as the character himself/herself. Give some thoughts on this topic as you won’t be able to change it without being awkward.

☞ Choose simple past or simple present. They are both easy to write in. I prefer simple past myself.

Go original

Originality is the soul of fiction. Keep this in mind as you write.

☞ Don’t copy content from any other fiction. It is cheap.

☞ Try to create your own writing style. It makes reading experience unique.

These are some most basic tips, but they help a lot. Remember this always, the most simple things lead to the creation of big things.

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