Trapped like fish in a God’s net – Ch 16

Gods are good. They care for us. They created us and they are the sole reason for our continued existence.They love us and we have to respect them back. Right? Wrong. Gods are anything but the above. they only care about the number of people worshiping them and the power they gain from us. The are selfish, arrogant and… Well, you cannot be much happy with a god when he has trapped you in a completely different dimension. So it isn’t exactly my fault for being a bit angry with them. Is it?

I staredwide eyed at our surroundings. Natasha had her head down in her hands again and Agnishikha was casting scared glances at the forests surrounding us as if the trees might jump at us anytime. A feel of unease grew as I looked at the forest with a new perspective. It was a dimension created by Lord Varun? I didn’t know that parallel dimensions existed out of science fiction stories. Well, Neither did Reapers or demons, but that was not the point. If it was created by Lord Varun, then everything here was in his control, all living and non living things akin. We were like cats trapped in a stadium full of dogs. And only one thing was certain. We had to get out or we were dead meat.

Natasha removed her head from her hands and shakily stood up. She had a defeated look in her eyes. The depth of her eyes only betrayed her age right now. It was as if a cauldron full of pain and hurt was poured into a marble the size of a pea and all of it had been accepted with nothing more than casualness. There was a cover of utter calm over all that turmoil as if a single sheet of paper was holding back a tsunami. I shuddered at how much I was able to interpret by just looking at her. Agnishikha joined Natasha also but refrained from putting her hand on her shoulder.

“There must be a way out of here. Right, Natasha?” She asked with a look of hope on her face. Natasha turned to her and stared at nothing. She said in a flat tone. “No one but Lord Varun can let us out of here. His aura is the only key to pass through the barrier separating this dimension from the others. And then we would need a dimensional ex…” She paused abruptly and shook her head as for clearing it. Taking a deep breath she continued. This time fixing her eyes on Agnishikha. “What I mean to say is that the only way we can escape is with Lord Varun’s help. There is no other way.”

Her words brought a sniff from Agnishikha and I frowned. Natasha was behaving very oddly. She used to be full of life and just as energetic as a 12 year old girl which she looked like. Now it was as if all life had left her. I was about to ask her about dimensions when Agnishikha suddenly jerked and asked her. “What about the veil Natasha?” She had an urgency in her voice and I was ashamed to admit that I had completely forgotten about the only sanctuary which had sheltered me. Natasha glanced at the sky and said in the same dead voice. “Gone. Its gone. I cannot feel it. He caused it to collapse on itself.”

Agnishikha  looked confused for a moment then flushed furiously in embarrassment. She mumbled. “Oh! I am sorry about that. But…” She stopped in mid sentence to find Natasha staring into nothingness again. She had a worried look on her face and I was sure she wasn’t talking about the veil we came from. But was there another veil? Agnishikha looked at me and there was a glint in her eyes which told me there was another veil. But separating what? She took a deep breath and wiped her eyes. “And what about the veil keeping this dimension separated from the others?” She asked.

Natasha slowly looked at her and scanned her face as if looking for something. “Yes. There is a veil. But we need Lord Varun, at least his aura, to go through it.” She kept staring at her and dismissed her with a shake of her head. Natasha looked around closely as Agnishikha slumped again. If there was a veil, then it could be torn, right? I opened my mouth to ask Natasha and she spoke first. “Don’t even try to think about it. A veil of a God’s dimension can be torn only by a god powerful than him.” She had that fiery edge in her voice that indicated her returning to normal behavior.

Agnishikha cleared her throat and asked Natasha before I could form words for my next question. The need to ask her vanished as Agnishikha asked exactly what I was going to. “Can that work with godlings too?” She had her brows raised at Natasha. It was a good point. We weren’t gods, but we did possess three living god ancestors. Two in my case and one for Agnishikha. We might be able to rip the veil. “Have you fools forgotten about that barrier holding your powers back? If somehow your ancestors were more powerful than Lord Varun, then there might be a chance that you could overcome the veil with your full potential. Tell me if I am unaware of you breaking through your barrier this morning?” Her words felt like whip lashes. But she was right too. I had discovered only two of my godly abilities and I didn’t know how to learn the rest.

Agnishikha was deep in thoughts. She had a frown on her face and I had no idea what we were going to do next. I asked Natasha. “What shall be our course of action?” She was still not fully out of her zombie mode as she laughed maniacally at my question. The sound ended just as abruptly as it had started. She shrugged and said. “Whatever our chances of escaping might be, we shall aim for the thinnest part of the veil.” She then closed her eyes and pointed to her right. “There is the weakest part of it. We shall have to travel by mundane means as teleporting is not possible here.”

Agnishikha let out a weak laugh. “At least we have something to do now. Lord Varun would have won the moment we quit.” She stopped with a grimace. I was about to ask Natasha more about the travel when there was a rustle of leaves behind us and a man growled. “Lord Varun will be pleased to have your heads.”

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