Meeting the strongest immortals on the earth when they are hell bent upon killing you – Ch 13

Life is hard when you are on your own. It is harder when you are only 18. It becomes yet harder when you are trying to preserve your life in a war of immortals. I say it again. It becomes much more harder when you find out you are powerful than a true immortal god. Such was the case with me.

Everyone was looking at me in disbelief. It was as if I had cracked yet another joke again. But their expressions changed as they realized I was saying the truth. I had somehow sensed the aura of the goddess Morrigan which was theoretically and practically impossible for a mere mortal reaper like me.

The silence was broken by Seth. “So he has developed a sensory ability. What is so special about that?” Sensory ability? Immediately everyone relaxed as Lisa let out a relieved laugh. Liam gurgled his choking snigger and bobbed to sit at my shoulder. He asked me for my hand to read my aura and I gladly offered it. A gargoyle is the best thing to look to when you want to know about aura. His eyes glazed when he took my aura in. Everyone was silently waiting for him to respond and my gut clenched when he stiffened. I prayed silently for it to not be something bad again. I was interrupted when Liam let out a long whistle of appreciation. “Holy crap! Akshat has got his own universe in here!” He exclaimed, eyes still closed. “I never had a chance to look into a godling before… Akshat, you have half the power of Earth locked in that barrier of yours. I think only three things are getting out of it right now, but it is gradually weakening. How many abilities do you possess?” Everyone except Seth had their attention fixed on Liam as they openly stared in awe. He was smiling at me as if he knew it already.

Liam didn’t wait for me to answer his question and jumped off my shoulder to continue in mid air “I looked at your abilities and the sensory one is there. It has completely leaked out of the barrier with another one and one is still escaping. My guess is that you were able to sense Morrigan because of your sensory ability plus your ancestry.” It certainly made sense and I released a long held breath. Lisa gave me a slap on my shoulder and smiled. “Don’t go sprouting any more new abilities. You are already tough to keep under my control.” She was joking but a look of jealousy came over Agnishikha’s face and was gone when she smiled and hugged me. “Nice to know you are only one step ahead of me.”

She retreated and bowed to us dramatically. One second she was there and in the next, every part of her body vanished with her clothes and a little of the carpet. It was bizarre that I could sense her aura and not her. It was like Listening a sound right next to your ear and not being able to determine its source. Rocky smiled and gave her invisible body an appreciative nod. She laughed nervously and asked. “How much did I take with me this time?” Liam bobbed to her and settled on her invisible shoulder. He wheezed “Just about a square feet of the carpet. Keep practicing and you will do much better.” Somehow he also forgot to mention that his feet were invisible too.

I was aghast and Seth’s eyes were wide in amazement. Lisa was looking at Agnishikha’s vanished feet wistfully. “I… Why didn’t you tell me before?” I was knocked completely off my rocker seeing her simply vanish. It was also not fair that she had developed such a cool ability while I was stuck with a speedometer. She giggled and appeared back. “I discovered it just two hours ago. I was about to be busted stealing food from kitchen and I willed to be invisible when the cook came round the corner. He simply looked through me and moved further.It was amazing!” She was literally jumping up and down while she said this. It might have looked good on Natasha, but Agnishikha seemed to have a thorn stuck in her foot.

Rocky was smiling fondly and I wondered what was going on in his mind. It was a time of turbulence and things were going to get worse. Rocky’s duty as her bodyguard will keep her safe, but I was afraid they might evolve into a couple. You simply couldn’t afford to deviate in the middle of a war. And Agnishikha was a godling too. It was not hidden that she was going to engage in the fiercest of battles on the front lines due to her ancestry. I had so much to know and so little time was left that I really wished to be a normal boy with a mother and a father. It was a curious thing that I always had a protective instinct. even when I was in the orphanage, I never cried for my parents. I remember always comforting others.

There was a soft swish of displacing air and I instinctively crouched into a defensive stance with Seth behind me. I slowly relaxed as I sensed Natasha’s aura and saw her. She was with two other men from the center table in my hearing. As I had found out, One was Maharishi Kalson and the other was Metheus. He still looked like a wraith, but his appearance was much more substantial in the bright room. Maharishi Kalson was professional looking and had an emotionless look on his face.

“Its amazing how much trouble taking an apprentice has caused me! Hello again Akshat!” Natasha chirped brightly, still in her head to toe pink attire. Metheus looked bored and was glancing at each of us as if looking for something. His gaze settled at Rocky and his expression immediately turned into that of interest. “Its an honor to meet you, Maharishi.” Seth said behind me and I turned to look him bent in a formal namaste. The Maharishi raised his hand and said in blessing “Aayushman Bhav“. It was a blessing of a long, full life. Agnishikha strode forward eying Metheus suspiciously. “You told me to accompany him. I will stay with him when you take him to the Greater Novem.” She said directly to the Maharishi. I still wasn’t able to sense his aura so I tried again. There was a sudden flash of time when I sensed it and its amount made me stagger. He was an immortal and his aura was its living proof.

The Maharishi glanced at me immediately as I touched his aura and Agnishikha stood forgotten for a moment. His eyes were full of life as he searched my aura. Sensing it, he turned back to Agnishikha as if finding nothing. Well… My aura was next to nothing, but if the Maharishi was underestimating me then he was in for a big surprise. He smiled fondly at Agnishikha and said. “Of course princess. I put royalty with royalty for a special reason. But…” He looked at Seth and continued “Wouldn’t it be more convenient if we hear the prophecy here first?” Seth nodded and turned to us. “Akshat, Vasuki, Liam, Will you please excuse us for a few moments?” He hadn’t mentioned Lisa’s name and she shifted to move out with us. “Not you Lisa.” Seth said and turned to the three immortals. “I want her as my sevika. Is that okay with you?” We all turned to look back as Metheus let out a barely concealed snigger. “Of course prince. How can we forget your princely needs?” There was no attempt by Metheus to conceal the sarcasm and the Maharishi shot a warning look at him. Natasha was making faces at Metheus and he hadn’t a single idea that the faces were copying themselves on the back of his suit.

Maharishi nodded to Lisa permitting her to stay in the room and we proceeded out of the room. There was a soft thump as the door closed and I greeted the guards placed at the end of our corridor with a smile. Rocky looked thoughtful and leaned against the wall. Liam was on his usual place at his arm and was also thinking something. I raised my eyebrows in question and he sniggered. “Didn’t see that coming, did we? Seth and Lisa? Mm…” He made a suggestive gesture with his hands and gurgled a amused laugh. Seth had chosen Lisa as his sevika. A sevak or a sevika were assigned to royalties to take care of their needs during formal occasions. It was very similar to the concept of assistant. Lisa would never agree to occupy that position. But if it gave her a chance of visiting the greater Novem, then why not? And perhaps she could enjoy Seth a little?

My thoughts were abruptly ended when the door opened and Metheus called out. “Gargoyle! Come inside right now!” Rocky looked at me questioningly and I shrugged as Liam went inside with a wink at us. The door shut with a resounding thump and I had to wave off the guards. “What was that about?” I asked Rocky about Liam’s summon. He sighed and replied “Liam must be eavesdropping on their conversation and they somehow sensed it. He can listen to people talk by reading their auras. It is a bit like mind reading, but he can only hear what you say; not your thoughts.”

So the only way they had to keep their conversation secret was to take Liam in it. Rocky slumped down the wall and asked me. “Do you like the place?” If he was asking about the veil, he really had no idea how to read body language. “Yup! I always dreamt about a place where no one will be forced to hide what or who they are. A place where all species live together peacefully. And this city… Even if it is just a city, I love it.” He nodded at my replied and I also slid down the wall to sit before him. “Well… What we can see is the Indian part of the veil. Do you remember the darkness we arrived into? That was the area of some other pantheon. They didn’t permitted us to be there, so the only thing we were able to see was the directions leading us to the academy.” I was starting to get the concept of gods sharing space. If the veil existed in the Indian subcontinent it must exist in all countries. “So… The veil is like a miniature planet?” Rocky looked intrigued by my idea and said. “You can definitely assume so. However the pattern of different religions vary here as compared to Earth.”

I was about to say something when the door opened and Liam poked out his head. “They’re gone! Come on in guys.” We sat up and waved to the guards as we got into the room. “They said they will get back within a day and their might be a possibility that the greater Novem might like to meet Akshat. We are to sleep here tonight.” I let out a tired breath and slumped down on my bed. Rocky got himself Seth’s bed while Liam settled on Lisa’s pillow. I really needed a long sleep. I fell asleep with thoughts of clear blue sky in my head.

I was woken by a soft sound made near my ear. I blinked to get the sleep out of my eyes. It was still dark and a small figure was standing by my bed. Natasha.
“What…” i had just started to speak when she jumped at me and straddled me with her palm on my mouth. “Listen carefully Akshat.” She whispered in my ear. “The Greatet Novem has decided to kill you for getting the two parts of Kalki’s soul out from your body. You must flee Akshat, because you are Kalki reincarnate.”

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