About Garbled Speech

Science fiction and fantasy is the heart and soul of a lot of readers. And among them, there are many who have the imagination to create their own fantasy world. When you get lost in the world of sci-fi or fantasy, you try to imagine yourself living in it. It becomes more enticing as you reach deeper into it. And then a moment comes when you start to differ from the content you are into, and start creating your own fantasy adventure in your mind. Many of you have must had thought about giving form to your imagination. Whether in writing, painting, anime or poems. But almost every single person leaves it dormant. They want to bring it up to surface, but either they don’t have the skill or time or resources to do so.


Garbled Speech is an attempt to bring such an imagination to public, and entertain you with it simultaneously. We want to inspire the people capable of creativity that it is possible to express themselves and their imagination.
More than anything, we want to show that Indians can also compete in the vast field of science-fiction. It is not going to happen overnight so stay tuned and hang on tight!!!!

Also you shall be able to read ‘The Legacy of Kalki’ for free here, which is a YA urban fantasy novel related to the Indian gods and mythology. A common reaper Akshat faces his destiny amidst an inevitable war between the creator and the chaos trying to keep his friends safe, as well as to find the missing parts of the soul of the only person able to face the oncoming darkness.

Enjoy! And don’t be shy to share your thoughts about the blog!