I am a Zombie, or am I? 

What is Maturity? I mean, what does it mean to be Mature?  How can one decide the extent to which one’s emotional, mental and social traits are experienced enough to be called Mature? 

Well, let us do one simple task. Close your eyes, remember the last time you had a fight with someone. Remember the reason for which you fought. Now, ask yourself one question, could it have been different if you didn’t act the way you acted? Keep the answer to yourself.

The Maturity of any person is said to be found out under stress. Personally, I think it isn’t maturity that shows itself during periods of stress. It’s tolerance. . It sure does form a part of one’s overall Maturity, but that’s not all there is to it.

The best way to find out soneone’s maturity is to observe how much time of their day do they spend happy. It’s quite simple, If someone can stay happy all the time, then it means that they are Mature enough to conquer the obstacles put in their life. The more a person is happy, the greater is the depth of that happines, greater the person is Mature.

Now, Shoving all the philosophical crap aside, pick a fight with someone. If you get angry and flame up in a fit of heat & rage, then it is most likely that you are far away from being mature.

These things apply to only ‘normal’ human beings. I don’t have the luxury to feel anger or sorrow. When I shout at someone, I know exactly what should I do and what are the consequences of each word I say. I have to force myself to act against the analytical reports that my brain recieves with each word coming out of my mouth. When I hear a bad news, it pains me. But my mind instantaneously starts planning a way around the event that has caused me sorrow. I don’t fret, don’t argue, don’t whine and don’t cry (unless I go against my own mind to forcefully do so). 

I am not capble of feeling human emotions as well as others do. Perhaps I am a cripple, perhaps it’s my imagination, but the words like ‘heartless’ and ‘emotionless’ are made for me, I think.

It makes me good at dealing with sentiments because I can analyse them as good as anyone out there, perhaps better, from outside the loop. I don’t get involved, I don’t hate, I don’t crave, I don’t love, I don’t fret, I just get bored.

That also is a kind of maturity. I am a loudmouth and I shamelessly say that I am much more Mature than any person my age. 
But what does this article has to do with it? It’s simply an outlet for me. All the crappy sentiments I can’t feel, I let it out here. Perhaps I am a Zombie, perhaps I am  not a whole human. Looks like I can’t find out the truth until I die and rise again, can I?   😉

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