Why do I write?

That’s the first question I’ve ever heard from everyone whom I told that I write. I am a Mechanical Engineering student, and my attempts at going all out at writing have caused me a lot of trouble. (Still causing) According to people, since I have chosen to be an engineering student, I must spend my pastime in stuff like fixing bikes or setting up pulley systems. A lot of them look at me from top to bottom and ask “Huh, another Chetan Bhagat wannabe? Kid, get a little serious in your life. Don’t throw your time away like that.”

That’s the average response I get from people. At first I tried to show people what I’d written. They’d take a look at the pages, toss it aside and tell me to “Go Study”. No matter how hard I tried I was unable to convince people that I like writing as much as I like engineering. These are the times where technology and literature are considered to be mutually exclusive. So like other failed writers without an audience, I decided to quit.

Don’t tell me that was weak of me. I dare you to go for JEE and do creative writing at the same time. It isn’t possible. I had quit writing but there was a big gap in my time. Imagine a big patch of scabs on your arm with ants crawling all over it. That’s how the itch to write feels. I had urges, I had emotional highs and lows, and I had nightmares about engineering. Then one day, MIRACLE! I read about blogging somewhere and gave it a try.

It was perfect. Know I had the chance to show off my writing, my imagination, my creativity to all who care and who don’t. But, among all these things, I still haven’t come to my point. Why do I write?

That is a lot personal for me. Everyone has some sort of emotional outlet built in their system. Some people have boyfriends/girlfriends, few have friends, few have family and few let their emotions rot inside them. For me, writing is the expressway through which I clear out all excessive emotions present inside me. It works like an overflow system in a water tank and helps in balancing my inner turmoil out.

That’s why I write. I know my writing isn’t superb or excellent. Yet I compare myself with the best of them. Because I have the will, need and passion to write


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