A total of 5 chapters are out and I want to know your opinion about them. Before continuing. Please read the story and comment what you think about it. Your words matter a lot to me, and I’ll really be glad if you don’t keep anything back. Please comment, and give me your opinion.

2 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Are you a little nuts or something?? You wrote all that stuff in 10 days???

    It is fun reading untill you drop sth huge at the end and finish the chapter! And can’t you use a little editing?

    The story seems to be good, although a copy of “the iron druid”;… You are going to mix other gods here, aren’t you??

    keep the story coming, and i might think about liking it.


  2. Thanks for your opinion.

    Editing is a weak point for me since I manage the blog on my phone. And I am adding the cliffhangers to get readers to visit again.

    It does make the story intriguing doesn’t it? And you might compare this to the roman-greeak hunt in ‘The Iron Druid’ (I read its summary just to be sure), but its completely different.

    Tanks for your time.


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