Sheila’s Slumber – Sailor Saga

Something slithered silently. Sheila sat suddenly since she saw someone sneaking. She spotted sails, stretched since sun-up. Something spooked Sheila since she saw sails shoved slowly. She shivered, standing stupified. She saw shadows shimmering, surrounding Sheila. Someone spoke softly “Sheila…”. She staggered, slamming someone’s shin. She screamed, scaring someone special. Suddenly, Sam stiffened, slightly sleepy. […]

See you later!!!

Hey guys! I have a lot of studies coming in the next three months. This means I wouldn’t be able to blog much.  A couple of posts per month will be all I will be able to do. I will be coming back full on from May 2016 and The Legacy of Kalki shall continue. […]

Books I read in 2015

2015 was a year with a LOT of work and also with a LOT of free time. I had my exams in May and was preparing for them since last August (2014). I had had only an hour daily for reading leisurely, and believe me, I utilised all of it. June, July & August (half) […]

Technology and the Ramayana

  Ramayana is an epic narrated by Maharishi Valmiki. It follows the adventures of Lord Ram and his family in his conquest to defeat the Asura King Raavana to get his wife back and the creation of his ideal society. Ramayana depicts idealism. Every character, every incident is ideal. It has tried to show how […]