Barbie Doll vs Goddess of death – Ch 9

Have you ever seen a god of death? If you have, then either you are lucky and are dead, or your life is crap, just like mine.

I was pressed to the door trembling like a puppy. I was a reaper and I had seen Yamdoots, but I never had a chance to meet Yamraaj in person. And now I was facing the Celtic mistress of death, and I had no Idea what to do.

She was still inside the black haze, only her head and shoulder completely out of it. Her pupils were complete red which amplified her scary presence. Being this close to her had a shriveling effect on my soul as if it was dying inside me. Her eyes were still unfocused when she croaked again. “Who dared to touch my apprentice?” I shivered at the ragged sharpness of her voice as my feet collapsed due to the pressure of her presence. Immediately She looked at me and her brow frowned in confusion. She moved to take a step towards me and I closed my eyes in submission. Before She could even put her foot down, There was a whoosh of fabric against air and immediately the crushing pressure vanished.

I jerked awake from my hazy nightmare and hastily stood up. Blocking me from the goddess’ direct path was that pink girl. She was wearing a pink Barbie Doll frock and in her left hand was a battle-axe almost equal to her size. She was holding the axe barely off the floor and it was also a big achievement considering her small size. She was blandly staring at Morrigan with a cocky grin on her face. I was not surprised when Morrigan snarled at her and crouched in a fighting stance. You don’t sneer at a God of death or you die.

“You!” Morrigan shrieked at her and I hear the man at the central bench sighing in exasperation. “You are going to die bitch! And very slowly. You broke our agreement!” Morrigan shouted and without a warning, swung a jagged dagger at the girl’s throat which seemed to materialize from the haze. I gasped with my friends as the dagger found its mark and stopped a bare Millimeter from her skin. The pink girl’s smile widened and she chimed a tinkling baby laugh. Morrigan stood up, her face crunched in confusion. The haze covered her hand and the dagger was gone. “You cannot take the one responsible for Nakhila’s death, Morrigan.” The pink girl said to her as if pointing the color of a butterfly.

Morrigan snorted in obvious disbelief and shot back in her raspy voice. “And how would that happen bitch? Last I checked, you didn’t even dare to take teaching when I tortured your dear Joseph to death. As I remember, It has been what?… 1,100 years since you took responsibility for anyone.” Morrigan smirked at her pained expression and continued, cocking her hip to a side. “Are you suggesting that one of your pathetic friends shall claim that worm? And then I will kill it as I killed your Joseph.” Morrigan dismissed her as if she was a fly and turned to face the committee. “I want the guilty thing at my feet in an hour. Bring him to me.”

An uncomfortable silence followed her exclamation and she looked at each member of the committee. Finally her gaze settled on the pink girl and the girl said. “I told you that you cannot take him, Morrigan.” Morrigan’s face went precisely calm as her eyebrow twitched. “And why so, bitch?” She asked the girl, almost whispering. The girl flashed a brilliant smile and stepped aside for Morrigan to see me. She grandly waved a hand at me and said happily. “Because i take him as my apprentice!”

There was a stunned silence of half a second, then Morrigan vanished with a tremendous boom. Immediately every last ounce of her presence vanished and several members of the committee slumped in relief. Pink girl faced the rest of the council and chimed in her most innocent voice. “Shall we proceed? the interruption is over for now.” But everyone was staring at her like she had sprouted horns. Finally the humongous man said out loud his confusion. “But you took an apprentice” The girl cocked a single brow and asked “So? Do you have any problem with that?” The man flushed furiously and averted his gaze. The Dean was smiling and gave her an appreciative smile. “I think we all are aware of the Novem’s upcoming decision.” The humongous man harrumphed and sat straighter. Before he could say anything, the pink girl vanished and appeared on the central bench. I thought she had teleported but I didn’t feel tweak on my aura as I should have felt.

The man on the center stood up and a hushed silence fell upon all of us. It was the strength of his aura or his presence itself, but everything seemed to get dim in his bright presence. “Commence the trial of the murder of the churail Nakhila by the hands of the reaper Akshat.” I was aghast. Murder? I had saved the Dean’s life for saying out loud! As if in sync with my thoughts, the Dean cleared his throat and said. “I would like to make a little change. Accidental death of the churail Nakhila by the hands of the reaper Akshat while protecting the lives of three innocents, one of them facing immediate death threat.” The chief visibly looked startled. He glanced at the man on his left, who seemed to come out of the shadow at that moment.

The man was a wraith. His skin was paler than a dead body and his lips were almost black. His pupils were pure silver and his pure red hair gave him a strange appearance. He shrugged apologetically at the chief and slunk back into the shadows. It was hard to sense his presence as if he wasn’t present in the room. The chief straightened and said. “We have a testimony of a member of the Novem and another member has taken the convict under her apprenticeship. Further responsibilities of the convict shall be taken care of by Natasha here. A detailed report of the punishment shall be sent to me and the damage done to the property should be paid by the convict. The meeting is adjourned.”

Every member of the committee; rather the Novem stood up and vanished from the room except for the dean and the pink girl, Natasha. The wraith like man lingered a moment later than the rest and his eyes seemed to rest upon Agnishikha. Then he too teleported out of existence. The Dean beamed at me and motioned for my friends to come out in the stage. The pink girl also came to us and smiled at all of us. The dean smiled at her and said. “Akshat, meet Natasha, She is going to be your Shiru in the Hell Academy.” I shook her hand and she clapped excitedly. “Oh! It is going to be so much fun!” I looked quizzically at the Dean. Of course the girl had stood up to a God and had bested her too, but my teacher? Wasn’t it a little overkill? Natasha seemed to sense my amusement and smiled at me. “Don’t worry about my appearance little boy. I am 1,398 years old.” I looked at the Dean to See if she was joking. But he was smiling and I glanced back to the girl. She was looking expectantly at me and I felt nervous suddenly. I knew immortals were on the good side too, but staying a 12-year-old kid forever? Something was amiss. “Um… Why do you stay in this form? Wouldn’t you be more powerful if you were bigger?” She grinned devilishly at me and in the next second I was lying on the floor with she sitting upon me.

The pain hit a little after that. It erupted at my calf where she had hit me and at my back, which had taken the brunt of the fall. I heard Rocky laugh and the Dean chuckle. Something snapped inside me in that moment. I usually kept silent when I was bullied by others. They used to be more powerful than me and I accepted my defeat gladly. But being bested by a little kid? It was intolerable. Even if the girl claimed to be a millennia old. I found my anchor and directed it towards the ceiling. Immediately I shot down towards the ceiling with Natasha toppling off me. At the last moment, I reversed my anchor to land softly and turned it back.

I was looking at them above me on the floor and they seemed to hang like spiders. Well… I was like a spider for them but its hard to feel you are upside down, when your whole reality is inverted. It was so real that I could have slept on that ceiling and would have woken to find the world was inverted; not me. the Dean and Natasha were looking at me wide-eyed and my friends were grinning ear to ear. With a swish Agnishikha followed me suit and Settled before me. The Dean’s eyes went wider if possible and Natasha was petrified.

Suddenly she seemed to snap out of her amazement and floated up towards her. Within two seconds she was floating before us, upside down. I knew that we were inverted, but our senses interpreted something else entirely. She smiled innocently at me then with a bare tweak of awareness, froze me solid again just like the churail. Agnishikha was not affected as she snapped at her. “Hey! Remove that! You were sitting upon him!” Natasha ignored her and asked Dean “If you have stopped staring up my frock, will you please explain why didn’t you tell me both of them are Godlings?” Agnishikha looked as confused as me as she looked up at Liam for his expression. The Dean sighed and said “I didn’t know about it myself and by the looks on their face, neither did they.” Liam cleared his throat and looked meek as he said “Um… I was looking for the correct moment to tell you. So much has been happening lately that I didn’t get an appropriate chance.”

All of us looked at him and he cowered down. I was starting to get ticked off. She was holding me still when everyone was talking their mouths off and I didn’t like it. With another thought I directed my anchor right at her stomach and fell towards her. She looked absolutely surprised when I hit her, but her concentration didn’t waver when both of us collided with the wall. I was still a statue and she kicked me. Hard. Right at my groin.

With an explosion of pain I curled up on that wall. It was so agonizing that I didn’t realize that I had broken her bond. She was still hovering beside me and I heard a soft swish when Agnishikha landed beside me. She touched my arm and took us both on the floor. I let her guide my anchor and I was not surprised when she was able to do so. I felt arms around me and I was put on the bench. Natasha had hit me hard. Crap! My balls! I opened my eyes and tried to sit up. Another wave of pain hit me but I managed to straighten. I was surrounded by all of them and realized that the arms holding me straight were of Natasha. Before I could have pushed her, she whispered something and my pain was gone. “It was you first lesson little boy,” She said in her childish singsong voice. “Never hit your Shiru.”

I hastily stood up and my face went red when I removed my hands from my crotch. Apparently I was clenching it due to the pain and It was embarrassing with the two ladies in the room. The Dean grinned at me and said. “That was the specialty of our Natasha. She can cause phantom pain.” I looked at her and was startled to find her looking at me in pain. But her face regained its childlike composure and the momentary hurt was gone. No one noticed it and she asked the Dean “Keep the arena ready Branat. I would commence my classes with the rest of the batch.” Then with a mischievous look at me she vanished with a swirl of pink.

The Dean turned to Liam. “Which generation of a God does the princess belong to?” Liam glanced apologetically at Agnishikha and said. “The same as our Akshat here. But She had a single God family line and it is much weaker than Akshat.” Rocky cleared his throat and asked “Will you please elaborate?” The Dean nodded at him and said “Akshat’s godly ancestors were living gods. It means a god had concentrated a huge bit of his essence into a human being and lived out his life. Such an ancestry is much powerful because of the amount of essence in the living God and it shows itself only in certain generations. Akshat might be the first Godling in his family line.

But in the case of princess here, A Goddess put her essence in a female while she was ready to have a baby, or a God took a body with almost negligible part of his essence and mated with a female. Such an ancestry also creates Godlings but its power is diluted because every member of the family line possesses the power and a fraction of it is used while the left is passed down to the next generation.”

Liam was bobbing his head furiously in agreement and Rocky was lost in thoughts. Agnishikha was pale as ice and I immediately turned to her. She was a demon clan heir and if her father’s line was the one with a god, then it was a huge trouble. She sensed my gaze and turned to us. “Um… I think my mother was from the line of godlings.” Rocky looked confused and the Dean asked “And why might you think so?” Agnishikha faced us and said. “Because my every brother and younger sister was killed. Just like my mother’s.”