The Legacy of Kalki – Status update


If I knew editing took so much time, I would definitely have paid for an Editor.

The Legacy of Kalki continues…

Word Count – 410964 words
No. of Chapters – Not sure after editing  ;-P
Expected release – January 2017

Hello to everyone.

I am finally free of my accursed exams and now every iota of my time is going into editing. Before I started editing, me and my beta readers regularly found The Legacy of Kalki quite ‘chunky’ at points and a ton of othet problems with the storyline. To make the plot streamlined, I halted the drafting and dived into the pool of editing.

Well, it turns out it was an Ocean, certainly not a pool; and I am a tiny human floating through it, trying to make it flow according to my desires. But wait!  How can an Ocean flow???

That sums up my editing marathon. I have gone through almost 350 k words and am seriously tired. A few weeks of drafting might do me a little good. But this time editing goes parallel with drafting.

Wish me luck!

The Legacy of Kalki continues…

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