The Day & the Night – A Rhyming Dilemma

I love to read & I love to write.

But my chosen way has nothing to do with it – Yeah, that’s right.

It’s like loving the Day & adoring the Night,

While they exist without a dawn or a twilight.

Boundaries are thick between them, Locks are shut tight,

If you think so then you are a loser taking a flight.

Science & Tech – I relish them with all my might,

But yet again, I love to read & I love to write.

They are arch-enemies – the dark & the light,

I feel ecstatic, with either one in sight.

Technology & literature – they can’t forget to fight,

Yet I want myself at greatest of their height.

I am confused, throat a little tight,

Please help me & comment as a guide.

I love’em both, like two strings to one kite,

Please help me choose between the Day & the Night

4 thoughts on “The Day & the Night – A Rhyming Dilemma

    • Thanks!

      My scenario is almost the same. I can’t wait to get into Physics, Maths & Engineering. I absolutely love them & they are my concrete career choice. On the other hand I CANNOT survive even for a couple of days until I write up some creative, literary stuff.

      Life is really made up of choices. But the important thing is which choices you can AFFORD to make.


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