Sheila’s Slumber – Sailor Saga

Something slithered silently. Sheila sat suddenly since she saw someone sneaking. She spotted sails, stretched since sun-up. Something spooked Sheila since she saw sails shoved slowly. She shivered, standing stupified. She saw shadows shimmering, surrounding Sheila. Someone spoke softly “Sheila…”. She staggered, slamming someone’s shin. She screamed, scaring someone special. Suddenly, Sam stiffened, slightly sleepy. She saw sam, she saw shadows. She shuddered shut Sheila’s spook systematically, soared Suplen’s stern. Sheila slept sweetly suppressing shudders.

Here is a story of a sailor, Sheila with her partner Sam aboard a ship Suplen. She encounters the effects of wind & moonlight in the middle of sea. She recognizes her mistake, puts aside her fear and sleeps silently.

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