Desi Sci-fi

Science Fiction is one of the most famous genres among the teenagers worldwide. Many adults are also big fans. The common age group liking sci-fi is 13 to 25. Regarding this immense pool of readers sci-fi books, anime, movies and comics are flourishing worldwide.
Now lets come to India, the country with world’s largest youth pool. Despite of the number of readers, we don’t see much contribution to sci-fi from Indian writers. Whatever the cause; It shouldn’t be so.
Lets work towards getting India recognised in the world of science fiction.


2 thoughts on “Desi Sci-fi

  1. If there are no Indian sci-fi authors, then who is Amish Tripathi? And are you forgetting the famous paranormal novels?
    All the books of ghosts, dains and Churails?


    • You are missing the point. It is about getting Indian sci-fi WORLDWIDE. All of us know about “Kosi ka bhoot”, “Cheekhti Haweli” and other Indian books. But get out of India and ask if anyone knows about them??

      Amish Tripathi is certainly an asset to India for his Shiva Trilogy. We want to have more such writers.


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